Lexington Weather

Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

3/22/2023 9:35am 
  • Lexington Conditions: Clear
  • Temperature: 45.0°F / 7.2°CWarmer 6.7°F than last hour.
  • Dew Point: 34.3°FIncreased 0.3°Fsince last hour.
  • Relative Humidity: 66%Decreased 18.0% since last hour.
  • Wind: Calm, 10-min avg: Calm, gust: 3 mph
  • Barometer: 30.39 in Steady
  • Visibility: 10 miles
  • Rain Today: 0.00 in

Public Information Statement
for Boston, MA

NOUS41 KBOX 171208

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Boston/Norton MA
808 AM EDT Fri Mar 17 2023

The National Weather Service (NWS) Boston, MA has declared March
13 through March 17 as Flood Safety Awareness Week. Each day
during the awareness week will feature information about a
different flood related topic.

When flood waters recede, the damage left behind can be
devastating and present many dangers. Images of flood destruction
depict destroyed homes and buildings, damaged possessions, and
decimated roadways. However, what you can't see can be just as
dangerous. Floodwaters often become contaminated with sewage or
chemicals. Gas leaks and live power lines can be deadly, but are
not obvious at first glance.

Stay Informed: Stay tuned to your local news for updated
information on road conditions. Ensure water is safe to drink,
cook or clean with after a flood. Authorities may ask you to boil
water for a while after a flood. Utility companies often have
to update you on getting service back. Carbon monoxide poisoning
is one of the leading causes of death after storms when areas are
dealing with power outages. Never use a portable generator inside
your home or garage. Review generator safety.

Avoid Flood Waters: Standing water hides many dangers including
toxins and chemicals. There may be sharp objects under the water
or the road could have collapsed. If it is likely your home will
flood, don't wait for evacuation order, get out! Talk to friends
and family about emergency visits. If you have pets, take them
you or get them somewhere safe.

Avoid Disaster Areas: Do not visit disaster areas. Your presence
may hamper rescue and other emergency operations.

Heed Road Closed and Cautionary Signs: Road closure and other
cautionary signs are put in place for your safety. Pay attention
to them!

Wait for the All Clear: Do not enter a flood damaged home or
building until you're given the All Clear by authorities.
If you enter a flood damaged building, be extremely careful.
Water can cause floods to collapse, ceiling to fall, etc. Make
sure the electrical system has been turned off. Have the power
company or a qualified electrician fix wires. Contact your
insurance agent to discuss property damage. If you have a
follow proper safety procedures.


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